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Our eats are influenced by our favourite taquerias, cantinas and street side carts to bring you a real taste of Mexico. The flavours are fresh and zesty and every dish is made to order from scratch. Take our tortillas, they are a real labour of love! We use traditional Masa Harina (corn flour) to make the dough balls which are then individually hand pressed. This is something we do every day, it may take a while but it is 100% worth it for that authentic taste. Even our hot sauce is made in house. It’s a fiery combination of 4 different chillies: ancho, morita, arbol and habanero which will leave your taste buds tingling!

Our Eats


We’ve got an extensive range of tequilas, mezcals and cocktails alongside our famous frozen margaritas. Ask us about today’s special flavours!

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Want more of the El Cartel experience? If you’re in the mood for some hip hop and good vibes (who isn’t?!) then check out our playlists online 

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